• 25m2 of coziness
  • 900 meters from the sea
  • The nicest holiday home

Why big when it can be small?

From the spring of 2021, Holiday Park De Klepperstee and Wikkelhouse will present a special holiday experience: Bear. Of course. Big is nice. But small is actually much cozier. Wikkelhouse Bear is a sustainable and compact holiday home of 25 m2. Nice and spacious for two, or with a maximum of five comfortably on top of each other. You willdo everything in one room, just like in a caravan. Eating, sleeping, cooking, reading, playing the guitar, having deep conversations or just staring ahead. There is no TV, so enjoy watching each other. Much nicer!

The people of Wikkelhouse have furnished the holiday home in a super smart way. There is a double loft bed in the ridge. The sofa underneath folds out into another double bed, which sleeps just as well. And there is a comfortable sofa bed for young guest number five. You will have a compact kitchen with a refrigerator and coffee maker, and a bathroom with toilet and shower. On the veranda you will sit in the shade during the day, look at the stars in the evening and will offer you a dry spot when it rains. What more could you want?

2 nights
2 people

Wikkelhouse Bear

Netherlands, South Holland, Ouddorp
  • Created by Wikkelhouse
  • Outdoor oven

There are ten Wikkelhouse Bears at Holiday Park De Klepperstee. You can book these all year round. For a relaxed weekend or a whole week. Choose a spot in the middle of the park, or a quieter spot further from the center.

Holiday at the coast

On De Klepperstee you will find special facilities, such as the natural swimming pond and attractive bistro with indoor playground. Kilometers of beach await you in Ouddorp aan Zee, 17 kilometers to be precise.

Relax in your lounger. Watch the sun sink into the sea. Or have fun building the perfect sandcastle. Whatever type of beach lover you are, you can cycle there in just a few minutes from your Wikkelhouse Bear. Perfect for people that love to walk or lie on the beach. And at de Brouwersdam and the Grevelingenmeer you can also enjoy kite surfing, surfing, swimming, diving, fishing, sailing, and power kiting.


Designed by Wikkelhouse

Wikkelhouse is conquering the world from Amsterdam. These strong houses show what is possible if you only use natural materials. The base is made of wood, the insulation of flax. Each Wikkelhouse is wrapped in cardboard , which makes it super sturdy. And even the glue is natural. In addition to the 'large' Wikkelhouse, now there's the compact Wikkelhouse Bear as well. All houses are furnished with furniture from Fiction Factory, the creators and makers of Wikkelhouse.

Loved by Klepperstee

We believe in a green and natural holiday experience. The unique nature that surrounds us is given even more space and we make it even more visible. The park is located just behind the dunes. You can swim in the swimming pond. And there is always something delicious waiting for you in the cozy bistro. At Klepperstee you sleep in your own tent or caravan, a holiday home – or in a Wikkelhouse. There are two Wikkelhouses and no less than ten Wikkelhouse Bears!