Ferienpark De Klepperstee
Vacation with dog by the sea

Vacation with your dog by the sea

  • Vacation park only 900 meters from the beach
  • Distinctive vacation homes and spacious camping spots
  • Various hiking and cycling routes in the area

Relaxing vacation with your dog by the sea

A vacation by the sea is always enjoyable, but the best part is when your whole family can come along during your vacation. We can imagine that your vacation is completely perfect when you can spend a vacation with your dog by the sea. Discover the most beautiful beaches together, make new (dog) friends, and empty your head when you take the most beautiful hikes. That sounds great, right? At Vacation Park De Klepperstee you can experience such a vacation together with your dog. Our vacation park is located a short distance from the beach and the sea, and in a nature–rich area. When may we welcome you for a vacation with your dog by the sea?

Activities for you and your dog

When you are going to stay at a vacation park with your dog, it is nice to know that there are plenty of options. Our vacation park is located in the town and seaside resort of Ouddorp in Zuid-Holland. Here you will find the most beautiful beaches of The Netherlands, many varied nature reserves, and many hours of sunshine. At the park itself, you will find a nice bistro with a large patio and a fantastic view. Going away together? Then visit the beach of Ouddorp by the sea or the beautiful lighthouse of Goeree-Overflakkee. There are also many bicycling and hiking routes here. Take a hike with your dog (if on a leash) along the Bunkerroute or the Mudflats of Flakkee, for example, and who knows, you might spot Heck cattle, Fjord horses or deer! Another tip is the Kwade Hoek nature reserve. Here you will find a varied landscape of beach, dunes, salt marshes, and mudflats. And finally, there are a number of off–leash areas for dogs in the vicinity. In short, the possibilities for you and your dog are endless from our vacation park!

A summary:

  • The beach of Ouddorp aan Zee
  • The lighthouse of Goeree-Overflakkee
  • The Brouwersdam and the Grevelingenmeer
  • Nature reserve de Kwade Hoek
  • Town walk Goedereede
  • Hike across the Slikken van Flakkee

The accommodation options 

At De Klepperstee you can spend the night in a vacation house with your dog during your vacation. Our vacation houses have a special and sustainable architectural style and are suitable for a maximum of 6 people and a maximum of 2 dogs. The decor is stylish and with modern amenities. In addition, the homes have a patio with furniture where you can relax when the weather is nice. Many of our pet–friendly vacation houses are located in a car–free zone. Do you prefer camping? Then book a stay on a camping lot, green field, or camper field. The possibilities are endless!

What people asked us —

đŸŸ Are there pet–friendly vacation houses at Vacation Park De Klepperstee?

Certainly! Pets are very welcome in some of our vacation houses. It is allowed to stay with a maximum of 2 dogs in our accommodations. Our vacation houses are modernly furnished and fully equipped with all comforts. The accommodations are often located in a quiet area and have a spacious yard. In addition, a number of our vacation houses are located in car–free zones. 

Which facilities are there at De Klepperstee?

Vacation park De Klepperstee has various facilities that will make your vacation even more enjoyable. With us you will find, among other things, challenging and special play facilities (indoor and outdoor), a nice bistro in Scandinavian style, and a natural swimming pond. Enjoy splashing in 3 different water pools! Near the swimming pond, you will also find a sauna that has room for a maximum of 4 people.