De Klepperstee
Patio of Bistro Skål

Food and drinks



Welcome at Bistro Skål! Skål (pronounced Skol) is Swedish, but means 'cheers' in nearly all of Scandinavia. This name suits the Scandinavian style and interior of the building and symbolizes what our guests do at the bistro: toast the beautiful things in life{/4} and enjoy a wonderful relaxed environment and holiday!

The bistro has a pleasant interior and has an indoor playground/yard and a large terrace with an amazing view of the swimming pond of Holiday Park De Klepperstee. During Dutch school holidays and around public holidays, we offer a sandwich service and a takeaway for snacks and pizza.



Monday + Thursday to Sunday
From 10:00 a.m. 

closed on Tuesdays and Wednesday

  • Check our ParkApp for the exact opening hours.