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Natural swimming pond 


Since the summer of 2019, Vakantiepark De Klepperstee has a natural pond. Unique in the Netherlands!  The swimming pond does not contain chlorine or other chemicals. The water is purified in a natural way by hundreds of plants along the pond. An additional UV filter unit ensures clean water.  The water is not heated.  The natural pond is fully enclosed and consists of three distinct basins. The first water basin is 40 centimeters deep, the second water basin is 80 centimeters deep. The third basin is 140 centimeters deep. There are stairs in the two deeper basins.


The natural pond is always developing. During the opening season, checks are carried out dayily and measurements and checks are carried out weekly by an independent party.  Good to know: The swimming pond is closed on Mondays by day for the water to recover and rest. In exceptional situations, extra closing days will be necessary. Temporary closures do not give any right to any recourse.


  • You enter the playing pond at your own risk.
  • Please note: the bottom of the pond can be slippery. 
  • The pond is open from April 1 to October 1
    • except Mondays between 7 a.m. and 4 p.m.
  • Swimwear is compulsory.
  • Children under 12 must always be supervised by an adult.
  • Floaties are compulsory for children without swimming certificate.
  • You are not allowed to enter the area with plants.
  • A shower before entering the pool is compulsory.
  • Dogs (or other pets) are not allowed. Also not inside fences.
  • Diving from the waterside is strictly prohibited.
  • No glass (or other sharp objects) allowed inside the fences.
  • You are not allowed to smoke within the fences around the swimming pond.